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Karaoke Shows

Nothing says fun like a night of karaoke. We pride ourselves on our sound and our variety of music. If you own a venue and would like to have a show, or you are booking for a corporate party,wedding or special event, you can scroll down to the bottom of the page to find out how to contact us.

Mobile DJ Service

Our DJ's know their music and can provide the ultimate experience for your show or special event. Whether it's oldies, country, today's music or whatever mix you're interested in, we deliver.

Host and Emcee for all occasions

Can we talk? Can we be topical? Can we make your event memorable? You bet. If you need an emcee or host for an event, contact us.

Website Hosting

Don't overspend on your web hosting. Use our reliable server system and you'll stop worrying about your hosting problems.


Commercials, news releases, web content, articles and more. We'll write what you need to get your message out clearly, concisely and within deadline.